Your Taxi-Driver to High-Tech!

About Maggie Abel

Whether you are an aspiring actor, public speaker, entrepreneur, writer, or a creative person wanting to get your special gift out into the open, I'd love to be your IT "midwife" as you give birth to your idea.


- Videotaping dance showcases, musicians, interviews, speeches, autobiographical archives

- Social Media assistance (Facebook Pages, Twitter Feeds, YouTube Channels)

- Web pages, Uploading Video to the Internet, Animated Musical Slideshows

- Video Editing Tutor, Experienced Copy Editor & Book Proofreader, Business Resumes, Talent Resumes

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A former feature news reporter, Film & Video Production student, and editorial assistant, Maggie is an Internet video aficionado and small-time web page designer. Whether you need to make a video about your cat, teach your grandmother to edit video, or just retrieve your Facebook password, she'll assist you with missionary-like zeal!


"I always go to Maggie to help me put together attractive, original-looking flyers for the dances I host." -- "Wild" Bill Provenzano, Dance Host & DJ

"I dictate many of my scripts to Maggie which she formats in Final Draft software, then later she helps me send the loglines out and navigate the film festival software." -- Nick Felix, Choreographer to the Stars, Dance Studio Owner, Filmmaker

"After Maggie helped me on many video and photo projects, we became fast friends." -- Linda Merriweather, Elementary Teacher

"Starting with only my original, hand-drawn children's book, Maggie and I turned it into a musical video." -- Connie Rau, Children's Author & Christian Songwriter